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  • Review: Covenant – Lightbringer EP Members: Daniel Myer, Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius Bio: With their beginnings in the mid eighties, Covenant hail from the south of Sweden in a town called Helsingborg. Their music originally was described as big band electronics, but since the early nineties when their membership was pared down to the current trio, their sound has been an accessible blend of electro-pop and industrialism, infinitely danceable, filled with an uplifting and upbeat energy. – Metropolis Records Release Date: 01/25/11 Label: Metropolis Records Review: When it comes to EP’s featuring a multitude of re-mixes, I am rather demanding. I want to hear tight mixes that are entirely different from each other while retaining a cohesiveness with the original song. This EP delivers exactly that with remixes from Eskil, Daniel, Joakim, and Oscar from Necro Facility each showing what they each bring to the table, which is considerable. It is a rare band that can take inspirational lyrics and beautiful imagery and turn them into floor-fillers that float into your brain and stay there for days. Covenant accomplishes this with driving beats and catchy melodies, with Eskil’s voice flowing on top. This EP consists of five different versions of the song Lightbringer (Featuring Necro Facility) and two previously unreleased tracks, The Beauty and the Grace (Remix) and Never Seems To End. Here is a track by track run down. 1. Lightbringer An amazing collaboration with Necro Facility bringing the message ‘Bring the Light’, a chant that can be heard worldwide, regardless of race, religion, or gender, if you listen closely enough. 2. Lightbringer Radio Edit Nine times out of ten, a radio edit is a shortened version of the song, with a fade out at the end. This radio edit, however, was mixed by none other than Oscar Holter of Necro Facility, stripping the song down to it’s purer form and creating his own musical entity. 3. Lightbringer (DM Remix) Daniel Myer, also known as Haujobb, chimes in with his quieter, yet no less driving, spin on this song. Pure excellence. 4. The Beauty and the Grace (Remix) Written by Daniel Myer, this track is quiet electro-industrial with a tribal feel in places, best described as ‘eclectro’, with deliciously layered percussion. 5. Lightbringer(Speedrun) The name of this well done mix quite accurately describes it. It’s the faster version, rather techno-esque, yet occasionally pauses for reflection. 6. Lightbringer(JM Mix) Joakim delivers a mix that is a bit harder and more demanding, yet occasionally breaks out a dark ambient background to soothe. A perfect balance. 7. Never Seems To End A beautiful hymn written by Eskil and Joakim featuring soft vocals over what I can only describe as mellow experimental noise. —Kali