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Playlist: Eternal Darkness’ Mixed Bag of Holding – Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

lovelesslust – AntiYouth (IAMX Remix) – And Her Actions Failed To Matter
MIS+RESS – Derealization – S/T
Ummagma – Winter Tale (A.R.Kane Mix Radio Edit) – Winter Tale
Advert: Hatebreed – Advert: Prepare For War – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin – Savage (Songs from a Broken World)
Nite – I Am Not Afraid – I Am Not Afraid
The Cure – Purple Haze – Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities, 1978-2001
Voltaire – Bachelor(ette) – BOO HOO
Kirlian Camera – K-Pax – Invisible Front
The Birthday Massacre – Always – Pins And Needles
Advert: Wave Workers Foundation – Advert: Work On Fine (p2) – In The Whirlpool
A Million Machines – My Criminal Mind – A Million Machines
Android Lust – Intimate Stranger – The Human Animal
LeƦther Strip – Are we the sinners (Contr. Fusion Rmx) – We Came To Dance 2000
Project Pitchfork – Bodies [*] – Early Years 1989-1993
Juno Reactor – Zombi (GMS Remix) – The Golden Sun… Remixed
Advert: Society Burning – Advert: Vapor Lock – Internal Combustion
Blakk Glass – Trial – Trial
Twitch The Ripper – Safe House – Colorblind
The Gruesome Twosome – Hollywood Babylon Revisited (Showbiz Machinery Lament) – Hallucination Generation
Christian Death – Down In The Park (Live) – The Iron Mask
Emilie Autumn – Mad Girl (Acoustic Version) – Opheliac – The Deluxe Edition
Collide – Wake Up – Color of Nothing
Advert: Projekt Ich – Advert: Morgentau – Turmaufbau (EP)
Seabound – For Another Day – Speak in Storms
Psyclon Nine – Order of the Shadow [The Heretic Awakened] – Order of the Shadow: Act I
PlaTEAU – bubba – Kushbush + Music For Grass Bars Special Edition
[Active] Media Disease – Embarrassed – A Different Drum Sampler
[:SITD:] – kreuzgang v2 – bestie:mensch
Advert: Enigma Eden – Advert: In Sospeso – Anomalous Silencer No. 6
Veil of Thorns – Veil of Thorns – Technique Of Desire (Reptile Unit Mix) – Rebellion: Vol 1
IIOIOIOII – Last Cigarette – Face The Beat: Session 3
JUNKSISTA feat. NOEMI AURORA (Helalyn Flowers) – Strictly Physical – Matrix Downloaded 004
Diary of Dreams – Butterfly:Dance – Prospective Music Magazine
Wumpscut – Die In Winter (Extended Remix) – Bunker Gate Seven
Advert: Defrag vs. Pigface – Advert: MYOB Disco Who (Rambling Pete Mix) – 8Bithead
Clan of Xymox – She is Falling in Love – Matters of Mind, Body and Soul
The Tear Garden – Have A Nice Trip – Have A Nice Trip
FIRES – To Be All Alone (Ad-Ver-Sary’s here for you mix) – Morning Tide Grey

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