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Playlist: New, Old, and Indie with Kali – June 11th, 2012

File Transfer Protocol – Regime – Web Release
The Razor Skyline – Circle The Stars – Fade And Sustain
The Quinsy – This Party Will Never Have The End – The Violet Day
Gravity Kills – Take It All Away – Superstarved
The Chemical Sweet Kid – So Many Things (A7IE Rmx) – Chemical Remixes
Diverje – Your Pleasure (grind) – The Distortion Chamber vol.1
Tongue – Inverted – At the Beginning…
Front Line Assembly – Angriff (Mindless Faith Mix) – Angriff EP
Chemical Waves – Origin (The HeadCase Remix) – The Origin
Christian Death – Cervix Couch (One by One) – Gothspotting
The Crucifixion Machine – Four Fourty Nine AM – Extension
The Creatures – Take Mine – Anima Animus
Conscience – My Desire – Your Frequency
Control Alt Deus – (She is) Made of Fire – Made of Fire EP
Microwaved – Every Time (Produkt Remix) – March of the Broken Souls – Nothing – New Religion
Netz – Love Story – Exit Märchenland
Depeche Mode – Freelove (DJ Muggs Remix) [DJ Muggs] – Remixes 81…04 (CD1)
Choronzon – Offering – Psychosis Ex Machina Decay And Bloodshed Edition
The Jesus Cleaver – Vulnerable To Falling – A Private Encyclopaedia
Emerald Park – Never Say Never Again – Absolute Zero
The SlimP – Nightmare – Scream Edit – Wavelands – 2009
Stigmata – Resurrection – Resurrection
16volt – Skin – Skin
Front 242 – Commando Mix – No Comment
The Last Dance – Wish Me Closer – Once Beautiful
Faith and The Muse – The Silver Circle – Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
The Search – Amanda What Have You Done – Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized
Spider Lilies – Metaphor (Espermachine Remix) – Eyes of the Storm
Wanderreigen – Rum & Ratten – Rum & Ratten
Zombie Girl – We Are The Ones – Matrix Trax Spring 2006
AlterRed – Safe – Dollstown
Gene Loves Jezebel – Twenty Killer Hurts – Voodoo Dollies The Best of Gene Loves Jezebel
Machines of Loving Grace – Kiss Destroyer – Gilt
Jonas Seltsam – Halloween Ist Jeden Tag – Eisberg Voraus
The Prodigy – Climbatize – The Fat Of The Land
[de:ad:cibel] – Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Remix by Plastic Noise Experience) – Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Test Dept. – Bang On It (Metal Edit) – Industrial Madness (Disc 3)
Lords of Acid – Pop That Tooshie (Exageist’s Dubstep Remix) – Pop That Tooshie
:wumpscut: – Don’t Go (By Wumpscut) – Evoke (Limited 1st Edition)
Aesthetic Perfection – Inhuman (Combichrist Remix) – Inhuman
Puscifer – Drunk With Power – V Is For Vagina
Caustic – The Reason I Broke Up With You Is A Million Reasons You Psychotic Wang – I Can’t Believe We’re Re-Releasing This Crap
Society Burning – The Monster Under Your Bed – Internal Combustion
Cancerface – Tumor Curbjob – Electronic Saviors 2 Recurrence (Digital Sampler)
Sebastian Komor – Electro Body Music (Freak Edit) – Dance Of The Dead
Red Industrie – Electro Body (Feat Yasmin Gate)(Equitant Edit Mix) – Koerper Reich
Polluted Axis – Polluted Axis DARES You To Open Your Fucking Pie Hole One More Time – A Day In The Life Of…
Diary of Dreams – the Chain – (if)
The Eternal Fall – Death Affair – MM
Danzig – When The Dying Calls – Danzig III How The Gods Kill
Christine Plays Viola – Permutations – Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music!
The Beautiful Deadly Children – Everynight Is Halloween – Kaleidoscope Issue 13
Rhombus – Timeless And Elegant – Anywhere
Ex-Voto – I Can See Right Thru You – Doloroso

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