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Playlist: DJ Kantrip – January 28th, 2011

IAMX “My Secret Friend – Kingdom of Welcom Addictions
The Tear Garden “In Search of My Rose” – To Be An Angel Blind…
Ladytron “Blue Jeans” – Light and Magic
De/Vision “Blue Moon” – Zehn
Crystal Castles “Celestica” – Crystal Castles II
ThouShaltNot “The Projectionist” (Silent Film Mix) – The Projectionist EP
The Backlash “Anodyne for the Weak” – Impetus
Faithless “Insomnia” (Monster Mix) – Insomnia Single
Imperative Reaction “Giving into the Change” (A23 Mix) – Electronic Saviours Compilation
NamNamBulu “Game” – Expansion
Aesthetic Perfection “Pale” – A Violent Emotion
Goteki “Journey to Storyville” (77 Firebird Mix) – Santa Muerte
Zombie Girl”We Are the One” (Rotting Corpse Mix) – Back from the Dead EP
Bacio Di Tosca “O Warst Du Mein!” (Das Ich Mix)
Anguisette “Remorse” – The Creation Chamber
In Strick Confidence “Emergency” – Holy
Heimataerde “Des Spielmann Lied” – Unwesen
Diary of Dreams “King of Nowhere” –  (if)
Cylab “Dented Halos” – Sin-Tech
Rotersand “Move On” – Truth is Fanatic
Razed in Black “Leave it all behind” (Future Retro Mix) – Damaged
Armageddon Dildos “Untergrund”
Seabound “Confusion” – True Faith Compilation
De/Vision “Love Will Find A Way Home” – N00B