Members: Andy LaPlegua

Bio: Though the idea that Andy has a punk band may surprise some, since he is mostly known for Combichrist and Icon of Coil, LaPlegua has always had diverse musical tastes. Originally a part of several scenes in Norway, LaPlegua experimented with hip-hop in the Detroit Techno/Old School band LAW, industrial in Devils Into Crime (DIC), punk in My Right Choice(MRC) & Fleshfire and metal in Lash Out. He also found interest in trance and club music in the bands Plastic Life and Sector9. Not to be forgotten are his still active projects Panzer AG and the techno oriented (DJ) Scandy–Metropolis Records

Release Date: 11/02/10, Limited Edition CD: 01/11/11

Label: Metropolis Records

Review: Sometimes the best way to approach listening to new musical projects is blindfolded, without preconception.  It’s rare that I manage it, but for Scandinavian Cock’s Uncut EP, I somehow managed it before hearing Andy’s dead give away vocals.  This four track ode to flamingly heterosexual punkabilly starts with an aggressively loving dedication to the fairer of the sex, Undead Girls.  Nothing says “I love you” quite like “I might end your life if you kiss me Goodbye” and necrophilia.  Next up is Hell City, which sounds like it was written while setting the cast of “Grease” on fire.  You can’t help but sing “I’m gonna burn this city alive!” right along with him.  Track three, Gotta Get That Girl, pretty much sums up the male condition in the two chorus lines: “I fucked myself today.  Gotta get that girl”.  The EP closes with a rocking cover of The Dead Boys classic “Sonic Reducer”.