Eternal Darkness’ Mixed Bag of Holding – Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Junksista – Martyr – Ultra > Angel
Sequential Zero – The Marching of Time – First Sequence
Effizienz – Isolate – Post-Punk (Genesis)
Corlyx – My Body Is Wrong – In2 The Skin
Bow Ever Down – Not Your Victim (feat. Adian Caine forever haunted Remix) – Let It Burn
Arshenic – Unspoken (Haunted Remix) – La Danse Macabre 10
Miss FD and Deconbrio – Ghostbusters (Not Afraid of Ghosts) – Ghostbusters (Not Afraid of Ghosts)
Fleischkrieg – Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood Cover) – Bandcamp
ESA – Eat Their Young (feat Caitlin Corlyx) – Eat Their Young/The Scorn
Night Nail – Nowhere – La Danse Macabre
I Ya Toyah – Funeral For Love – Bandcamp Single
Ego Likeness – Raise your Red Flags (Never Surrender Remix by The Machine in the Garden) – Compass EPs
A7ie – Angels ( Remixed by ADEONESIS ) – The Shattering
the Machine in the Garden – Cimmerian – Before and After the Storm
Maxi Glamour – Waterways – Modernadada [Explicit]
Orcus Nullify – Too Much – Numb
Pink Turns Blue – It Fades Away – TAINTED
Bikini Death Race – Disappearing – Refrigerator
blutzukker – Graveheart – The Vampire Strikes Back
Sugarplum Suicide – Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover) – Bandcamp
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Majesty – Provocateur
Assemblage 23 – The Poison Moon – Spark
Ascii Disko – Cool – Ascii Disko
Strange Boutique – Jet Stream (Rewind Mix) – Jet Stream
Unwoman – Cultivate – Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen
Si*Sé – Just Like Heaven (Como el Chico) – Tributo a the Cure: Porque No Puedo Ser Tu
THE PSYCHIC FORCE – No Secrets Allowed – Matrix Downloaded 004
Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod [Redline/Whiteline Version] – Hot Wired Monstertrux
Sine Division – Solitary Observer – Blood Pack Vol. 6.66
:Wumpscut: – My Leper Kid (Advent Resilience Remix) – DJ Dwarf XVI
ZOMBIE GIRL – Pleasure Games (COMPLEX MIND mix) – Killer Queen (Bonus Tracks Version)
KANGA – Brother – Post-Punk 2021
The Gothsicles – Mudskipper – Animal Addendum
Stoneburner – A Decade of Assassins – Apex Predator
Collide – Crushed [Out Of Control Mix] – Xetrov
Strap On Halo – Call For The Rain – Prayers For The Living
Ghosts in the Graveyard – Thirteen Ways to Die (Synth Fiend Mix by Ghost in the Dark) – The Last Halloween (Remix Album)
Clan of Xymox – Lockdown – Limbo
Book of Love – Witchcraft (Extended Mix) – Witchcraft Single
Leaether Strip – Illisit – Throwing Bones II: A Skinny Puppy Tribute
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Passenger – Twice Upon a Time: The Singles
Betty X – Sex Dwarf – Bad Side of Love

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