Eternal Darkness’ Mixed Bag of Holding – Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Die Braut – We belong to the sun (reconstructed by Beyond Border) – We belong to the sun (EP)
Bara Hari – Weapon – Dark New Days
God Module – Victims Among Friends (Amduscia Mix) – Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends and Perception EP’s
THE CRUCIFIXION MACHINE – “No Sin, No Redemption” – S.I.C.K. MUSIK: Outbreak Vol.1
Gitane Demone – Stars of Trash (Guitar Version) – hex Files
Flesh Eating Foundation – We Are Fucked (Fucked Up Remix by AlienNation) – We Are Fucked
QNTAL – Echo – VIII – Nachtblume
Bella Lune – Ophelia – Synesthesia
Claire Voyant – Deep – Claire Voyant
Skinny Puppy – Morter – The Process
SPF1000 – Haunted House (Mansion Remix) – Online Single
SNOG – The Clockwork Man [Iszoloscope_RMX] – Cheerful Hypocrisy
OhGr – Hilo – Sunnypsyop
The Causticles – Snail Hatin’ (feat. Nikki from Prometheus Burning) – Eric Gottesman
The Danse Society – Red Light (Shine) (2015 Mix) – Rebellion: Vol 1
Wumpscut – Kill That Little Fuck – Women and Satan First
Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song (Beborn Beton RMX) – The Singles Collection
Covenant – Last Dance (Modulate Remix) – Last Dance
iVardensphere – The Woodsman and the Serpent – Fable
Mr Kitty – I Lost You – Fragments
XuberX – Blackened (Remix By Ego Likeness) – Ego Likeness Vs Everyone
Unwoman – The Sirens of Titan – Circling
Clan Of Xymox – A Question Of Time (Depeche Mode) – Kindred Spirits
Astari Nite – Pocket Full of Posies (Radio Edit) – Pocket Full of Posies
Feeding Fingers – Goodbyes That Last For Years – UNEARTH’D
Grendel – Zombienation [V.2K5] – Soilbleed EP
Kloq – Setting Sun – Begin Again
PINK TURNS BLUE – There Must Be So Much More (Apr.02.2021) – Online Single
GOLD – Why Aren’t You Laughing? – Post-Punk 2021
Orcus Nullify – Night Bird Cries – Beautiful Hell
Pop Will Eat Itself – Nosebleeder Turbo TV – New Noise Designed By a Sadist
Sounds Like Winter – Black Caverns – Initiate
PIG – When I’m Done (Delivered Mix) – Risen
The Razor Skyline – Run – The Bitter Well
La Scaltra – The Garden – Cabaret
Dead Can Dance – Rakim – Toward the Within
Talk To Her – Away/Afraid – Love Will Come Again
Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell – Do So Yol (Gather The Wind) – Burn
Switchblade Symphony – Drool (Mother) – Drool (single)
Gary Numan – The Gift – Intruder

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