May May Graves – Ghost – MONSTERS
Pygmy Children – Intensity [Fearless Remix] – Industrial Revolution: Third Edition
Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction_(Haujobb-Remix) – Satisfaction
lovesliescrushing – Whitening Glos – Ghost Colored Halo
The Legendary Pink Dots – My Land/Parallels – Angel In The Detail
Depeche Mode – Love, In Itself – Construction Time Again
Nine Inch Nails – The Worriment Waltz – Ghosts VI: Locusts
Silke Bischoff – To Protect And To Serve – To Protect And To Serve
Rosetta Stone – Six Before Dawn – Goth Box
Victor Love – Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM) [Andy Selway Remix] – Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM)
TAXIM – How Happy You Are – Monitoring
Ego Likeness – Guns In The Oceans – Songs From A Dead City
AYRIA – blue alice (DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER mix) – Matrix Downloaded 001
:Wumpscut: – Burial On Demand (Catacombs By Eintritt Verboten) – Women And Satan First
Mc 900 Ft. Jesus – I’m Going Straight To Heaven – Nettwerk: 25 Years Of Music
The Peoples Republic of Europe – The Temple_eq – Solipsism
Trance To The Sun – Velvet Fuck – Hex Files: The Goth Bible Volume 2
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Evil Never Dies (Remix of Rob Robinson’s theme to Amityville: Evil Never Dies) – Provocateur
Orcus Nullify – Pandemonic – Bandcamp Single
More Machine Than Man – Stranger than Fiction – Dark Matter
Faith & the Muse – Sparks – Darkwave: Music of the Shadows, Vol. 2
the Machine in the Garden – Find a Way – Places in Between
Clan Of Xymox – Something I Can Never Have (Nine Inch Nails) – Kindred Spirits
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel – The Shock of Kontakt – I Can Spin a Rainbow
Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society – These Eyes – Clockwork Dreams
Deathbed Repentance – America Is a Drug – Song To Bleed To
Pilgrims of Yearning – Haven – Forsaken Lands
Rotersand – Heart of Love – How Do You Feel Today?
I Ya Toyah – Puppet – Code Blue Album
Die Krupps – Welcome to the Blackout – Vision 2020 Vision
Statiqbloom – Ghost Deep – Beneath The Whelm
Stoneburner – The World Wolf – Red in Tooth and Claw
DEATH • BECOMES • HER – Tonight (Edit) – Single