SINE feat Chris Connelly – Desolate District – Desolate District
Virtual Terrorist – Neurolace Failure (ghstprxy Remix) – Neurolace Failure EP
$uicideboy$ – Fuckthepopulation [Explicit] – Fuckthepopulation [Explicit]
The Birthday Massacre – Pale – Pins And Needles
Information Society – This Way Tonight (Ego Likeness Remix) – Ego Likeness Vs Everyone
Public Image Ltd – The Body – The greatest Hits, so far
Ego Likeness – Tea in the Sahara – Compass EPs
Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll – Blue Bell Knoll
Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Knock Three Times – Halo Star
Sweep – Love Comes Quickly – Very Introspective, Actually: A Tribute to Pet Shop Boys
A Certain Ratio – Spirit Dance – acr:mcr
NATURE – Tears – Tears
Audra – Dreaming of Me (Depeche Mode Cover) – Planet of Me EP
Stoneburner – IdentityByDiagnosis Kounter Mezhure Remix – Massdriver
Deviated Ascension – Road To Axiom(feat. Steven Seibold of Hate Dept.) – Cycles of Violence
She Wants Revenge – These Things – She Wants Revenge
The Membranes – What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away – What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away
Gasoline Invertebrate – Let the Demon Out – Damage Over Time
The Cure – Just One Kiss – Japanese Whispers
Romeo Void – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) – Warm, In Your Coat
JUNKSISTA – Fabulous – Bad case of fabulous
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up – Deep
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Tick Tock – Provocateur
Colourbox – Hot Doggie – Lonely Is an Eyesore
Grace Jones – She’s Lost Control (Dub Version) – Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions
God Module – Afraid of the Light – Séance
May May Graves – Die Like It’s the 80’s (Aberrant Behavior Remix) – MONSTERS
Double Eyelid – He Fell – Seven Years
Hocico – Dog Eat Dog – Tiempos de Furia
DEATH • BECOMES • HER – Sanctuary of a Love Cult (Radio Edit) – Single
16 Volt VS Spahn Ranch – Disarm – Gothic Industrial Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins
DJ Quicksilver Feat Era – Ameno (Rune Andersen Remix) – Clubfiles: The Album
Mr Kitty – Flowers For Boys – Fragments
Creaming Jesus – Geggy Moon:Window Fighter – Chaos for the Converted
Emilie Autumn – Chambermaid (Space Mix) – A Bit O’ This & That
Corpus Delicti – Noxious (The Demon’s Game) – Goth Box
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden (Orchestral Intro) – Marie Antoinette Motion Picture Soundtrack
Zero Le Creche – Last Years Wife – In Goth Daze
Bow Wow Wow – I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish – A Salute To The Smiths
Black Atmosphere – Muscle in Plastic – The Passion of Covers: A Tribute to Bauhaus
The Dead Milkmen – If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire – Metaphysical Graffiti
X-Ray Spex – Oh! Bondage Up Yours! (Single) – Germ Free Adolescents
Orcus Nullify – Night Dance – Bandcamp release
K.U.K.L – Aegean – Holidays In Europe (The Naughty Nought)