Beauty In Chaos – Un-Natural Disaster ft. dUg Pinnick, Zakk Wylde and Ice-T (Collide Mix) – Re-Envisioning Beauty
More Machine Than Man – Bliss (Legion Within Remix) – Something Ventured Nothing Gained
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Evil Never Dies (Remix of Rob Robinson’s theme to Amityville: Evil Never Dies) – Provocateur
Die Robot – Order of Death (PIL Cover) – Technopunk
The Danse Society – One Thought in Heaven – Futur1st
Angelspit – Ditch The Rest (Ego Likeness Remix) – Carbon Beauty
Ego Likeness – The Lowest Place On Earth – Compass EPs
16Volt – Skin (Guitarless Mix) – Skin
Pride and Fall – The Void – Let Me Go First – Of Lust and Desire
Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Off With Her Head!!! – The Sepiachord Passport
Audiorotic – Follow their Energy – Audioratic EP
Curse Mackey – After You, Destruction – Instant Exorcism
Ex-Voto – Eternal Prayer for Death [Biokraft Mix] – Dracula: King of Vampires
Emilie Autumn – Gothic Lolita – Opheliac: The Deluxe Edition
Agent Side Grinder – Allisin Sane (No_2) – A/X
De/Vision – Your Hands on My Skin [Sonnet Shuttle Mix] – Remixed
the Machine in the Garden – Wonderland – XV
Traitr – The Lovely Wounded – Club EP
Revolting Cocks – Stainless Steel Providers (Album Version) – Beers, Steers And Queers
7th Victim – Lust [Velvet Acid Christ cover] – GIALLO
The Moon Song – HANTE. (feat. Box von Du”e) – Fierce
Blakk Glass – Medicine (Pacific Mile Dub) – Medicine (Pacific Mile Dub)
Double Eyelid – The Stranger – Seven Years
Grendel – End of Ages (God Module Remix) – Inhumane Amusement At The End Of Ages: 2000-2002 REDUX
The Gothsicles – Ultrasweaty – Squid Icarus
God Module – Devils Night (Modulate B-Ket Mix) – Rituals
Virgin Prunes – Pagan Love Song – Sons Find Devils
The Prayers – Love Is the Enemy (feat. Travis Barker) [Explicit] – Young Gods [Explicit]
VNV Nation – Dark Angel – Empires
Malign – the Diseased & the Blind – Shatter and Impale
Switchblade Symphony – Witches – The Dark Box: The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection 1980-2011
OhGr – Pore – Welt
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Sweetest Chill [Chris Kimsey 12 inch remix] – Tinderbox
Skinny Puppy – Process – The Process
:wumpscut: – And Life Goes On – Bone Peeler
The Sisters of Mercy – Alice – Black Planet
Ministry – Antifa – AmeriKKKant
Bauhaus – In Fear Of Fear – Mask
Death in June – Last Europa Kiss – The Rule of Thirds
Usherhouse – Monkey Strange – Goth Box