Die Robot – Fortunate Son – A Riveting Protest
IAMX – North Star (Future Funk Squad Remix) – North Star
Advert: The Soil Bleeds Black – Advert: Silver Song – Alchemie
The Danse Society – Scream – FUTUR1ST
Equinox – Scream (feat. Pulco) – It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin
Acumen Nation – Whisper to a Scream – Newer Wave
Ending the Vicious Cycle – The Scream Inside – Ending the Vicious Cycle
Project Pitchfork – Silent Scream – Alpha Omega
The Last Dance – Wake Me Screaming – Once Beautiful
The Legendary Pink Dots – AND EVEN THE VEGETABLES SCREAMED/REGRESSION – The Golden Age (2018 Remastered Edition)
Adrian H & the Wounds – The Night My Mother Screamed – Dog Solitude
Advert: The Abstinence – Advert: Sin Perdón – Paraíso de Excesos!
muet – muscle – muet
Amanda Palmer – Machete – There Will Be No Intermission
Genitorturers – 4 Walls Black – Black Bible
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Do You Fear (For Your Child) – I See Good Spirits & I See Bad Spirits
Ghoultown – Ghost Riders in the Sky – Tales from the Dead West
Advert: UTERO ZZZAAA – Advert: Cyberpunk Death Machine Osaka – Japanese Electro Punk Brutality
FTR – Black Sand – Manners
Suicide Commando – Attention Whore – Attention Whore
Mixed Messages – Emerald City – The Ordeal
Ego Likeness – Geist – Compass EPs
Apoptygma Berzerk – Burnin’ Heretic (Album Version) – Soli Deo Gloria
ANKST – Salem (Winter Soul Remix) – Eulogy
Advert: Defrag vs. Pigface – Advert: MYOB Disco Who (Rambling Pete Mix) – 8Bithead
EYE band music – “Respect That Mandate!” – POLITICS CAN BE FUN! A musical journey through the flaws of party-system democracy.
The Prayers – Lucifer Rising [Explicit] – Baptism Of Thieves [Explicit]
Battery Cage – A Desperate Cry For Help – A Young Person’s Guide To Heartbreak
Beborn Beton – Earth – Tales From Another World
Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society – Tender Wounds – Clockwork Dreams
Eisbrecher – Wie Tief? – Antikorper
OhGr – Lusid – Welt
Advert: Croc Shop – Advert: Nu Precedence – Futronik Structures 4
X Marks The Pedwalk – You Are Gone – The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear
tweaker – Wasted Time (Rob King feat. Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez Mix) – and then there’s nothing
Angelspit – Making Money (Angelspit Remix) – Carbon Beauty
Christine Plays Viola – Failed to Connect to Heart (Endline) – Innocent Awareness
iVardensphere – Chasing The Dragon – APOK
Advert: SPF1000 – Advert: Into The Darkness – Witch Hunt
Inxs – The One Thing (LP Version) – The Best Of Inxs
Specimen – Returning From A Journey – Wet Warm Cling Film
The Cure – Dredd Song – Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities, 1978-2001
Rollins Band – Ghost Rider – The Crow
Kate Bush – Army dreamers – The Whole Story