Audrey Burne – Mother of Tears – Audrey Burne
Strvngers – CLOSER – Exhumed Vol 2
Die Robot – Order of Death (PIL Cover) – Technopunk
Advert: Hatebreed – Advert: Prepare For War – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
VNV Nation – When Is The Future – Noire
In Strict Confidence – Mercy (Solar Fake Remix) – Mercy
Miss FD – Ashes of Stars (feat. Vulture Culture) – Ashes of Stars
Polly Panic – Twisted Up – Losing Form
Rude Audio – To The Half Moon (Rich Lane Remix) – Rude Redux
Electric Six – Full Moon Over The Internet – Bride of The Devil
Advert: ex machina – Advert: introspective – no one
Collide – Wake Up (Purr Machine Remix) – Mind & Matter
The Blue Hour – Kyoto Song (The Cure) – Always
Blakk Glass – Under My Skin – Trial
Ghosts in the Graveyard – Better in Black (Dark Sex Mix) by Blakk Glass – The Last Halloween (Remix Album)
Disjecta Membra – The Sleep – Achromaticia: (expanded digital reissue)
Revue Noir (Nicki Jaine & Sam Rosenthal) – Halo Star – Anthology Archive
Advert: Croc Shop – Advert: Nu Precedence – Futronik Structures 4
Die Robot – 10.000 Years – Technopunk
Suicide Commando – We Are Transitory (Ruined Conflict Remix) – Death Will Find You
Helix – Bird of Prey – Twin
Trash Deity – A Perfect One – Cross & Divide
ANKST – Salem (Portent of Malediction Remix) – Eulogy
Legion Within – Scourge – Scourge
Kite – It´s Ours – VI
Advert: Lotus Feed – Advert: Drift – So Close…So Far
Apoptygma Berzerk – You Keep Me From Breaking Apart (…According To Phillip Remix) – Shine On
Psy’Aviah – Face To Face (feat. Roeland van der Velde) (People Theatre remix) – Face To Face (Promo Single Release)
ShapeShiftingAliens – Showing My Face – ShapeShiftingAliens
Panic Lift – Meat For The Queen – End Process
Cocksure – Yellow Dog – Be Rich
Haujobb – Information Space – Alive
Advert: Wave Workers Foundation – Advert: Work On Fine (p2) – In The Whirlpool
Skinny Puppy – Rodent – Rabies
Unwoman – War Stories – War Stories
PIG – Viva Evil (Swine Haze remix) – Swine & Punishment
DV8R – Static (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) – Zero Hour
FIRES – To Be All Alone (Null Device Remix) – Morning Tide Grey
Gary Numan – Pray for the Pain You Serve – Savage (Songs from a Broken World)
Advert: Defrag vs. Pigface – Advert: MYOB Disco Who (Rambling Pete Mix) – 8Bithead
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart – Substance
The Break Up – Your Dark Brown Eyes – Synthesis
Caustic – Grind (with Severina X Sol) – I Can’t Believe We’re Re-Releasing This Crap
Blutengel – The Oxidising Angel – The Oxidising Angel
A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away) [Shah of the Dance Remix] – I Ran: The Best Of