Dead Cross – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Dead Cross
London After Midnight – The Kids Are All Wrong – Violent Acts Of Beauty
16Volt – Useless People (Villainous Remix) – American Porn Songs // Remixed
Advert: UTERO ZZZAAA – Advert: Cyberpunk Death Machine Osaka – Japanese Electro Punk Brutality
Godhead – Bela Lugosi’s Dead [Julian Beeston Remix] – Gothika Disc 1
ALIEN SEX FIEND – Ignore The Machine – THE SINGLES 1983-1995
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection – Floodland
Oingo Boingo – Spider – Boingo
Fantômas – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – The Director’s Cut
Nasa – Insha-Allah – Just Say Mao (Volume III Of Just Say Yes)
Advert: AZ-Rotator – Advert: Cmosat – Science Of Chance
Trent Reznor & Peter Murphy – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Live in DC
Dead Can Dance – Spirit – A Passage in Time
Emilie Autumn – I Know Where You Sleep – Opheliac
The Cemetary Girlz – Dimentia (demo version) – Sparkles in the Dark vol.2
The Machine in the Garden – The Unaware – Out of the Mists
The Birthday Massacre – Blue – Violet
PIG – Drugzilla – The Gospel
Advert: Defrag vs. Pigface – Advert: MYOB Disco Who (Rambling Pete Mix) – 8Bithead
Electric Hellfire Club – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – The Passion of Covers: A Tribute to Bauhaus
XP8 – Bad Guys – Drop The Mask
Clan Of Xymox – Dream Of Fools – Darkest Hour
Audra – Cabaret Fortune Teller – Going to the Theatre
PHOENIXCODE – Anthem of the Free Mind – PHOENIXCODE
More Machine Than Man – Constructive Criticism (STEVIL Remix) – Something Ventured Nothing Gained
Advert: Birds Of Prey – Advert: The Old Lady Rots (But The Checks Keep Coming) – Weight Of The Wound
David J with Jill Tracy – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Undead is Forever) – Online Release
DV8R – Static – Zero Hour
Blakk Glass – Trial – Trial
Ummagma with Robin Guthrie – LCD (Dean Garcia SPC ECO Mix) – LCD EP
Advert: Membranes – Advert: Hail To The Lovers – Dark Matter/Dark Energy
68creep – Welcome to My Nightmare / Halloween – Goodnight, Sweet Betty
Dark Matter Noise – Hell’s Frozen – Blackwing
RiotLegion – Feel It – God(B)less
Victor Love – Cocaine (feat. Deflore) – Technomancy
SKELETON HANDS – Things You Said (Depeche Mode cover) – Songs of Songs
Abney Park – Night Train from Saint Petersburg – Nomad
Snog – 21st Century Lullaby – Babes In Consumerland
Advert: SPF1000 – Advert: Into The Darkness – Witch Hunt
:wumpscut: – Ain’t It Mad, Yet [B Mix] – Mesner Tracks
The Cure – The Kiss – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Crackle