Time Zone – World Destruction [Extended 12′ Version] – Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites
Muta-scuM – the day after the end of the world – The Prayers Of Atheists
In Strict Confidence – My Despair – La Parade Monstrueuse
Kevorkian Death Cycle – Death to the Flesh – Metropolis Comp
Zombina & The Skeletones – End of the world – Death Valley High
God Module – Rituals (God Mod Clubbed To Death Mix) – Rituals
Suicide Commando – Face Of Death (Spetsnaz Remix) – X.20 Remixes
Diva Destruction – Illusion’s End – Run Cold
Apoptygma Berzerk – Until the End of the World – Harmonizer
Type O Negative – Everyone I Love Is Dead – Orkus Presents the best of 1999
Bauhaus – Poisen Pen – Mask
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore The Machine – Ignore The Machine
Crüxshadows – Cassandra [Razed in Black Remix] – Fortress in Flames
The Retrosic – Deathdealer – Nightcrawler
Dismantled – Disease (Fuckme Remix by Noonatac) – Whole Wide World
Dystopian Society – Death Signals – Cages
Test Dept. – New World Order [Crusader Mix] – Industrial Revolution: Third Edition
Death in June – Rose Clouds of Holocaust – Rose Clouds of Holocaust
The Godfathers – Birth, school, work, death – Top 500 Alternative Songs
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Strange Fruit – Through the Looking Glass
Qntal – Ad Mortem Festinamus [Dance of Death] – Qntal I
Panzer AG – When Death Embrace Me – This is My Battlefield
Ex-Voto – Eternal Prayer for Death – Dracula: King of Vampires
Elysium – In Times of Despair – EGO Tripp: A T.O.N. Music Sampler
Skinny Puppy – Death – The Process
Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven – Death To The Pixies
Jill Tracy & the Malcontent Orchestra – Doomsday Serenade – Diabolical Streak
Deathwatch Beetle Repairman – Season of the Dead – Hollow Fishes
Love Is Colder than Death – To Be at the Point of Death – Oxeia
Julien-K – Dystopian Girl – Death To Analog
[:SITD:] – 2nd Death – Stronghold
Iridio – La Via Infinita [The Never-Ending Path] – Endless Way
Mentallo & the Fixer – Sacrilege [Angel of Death Mix] – Complete Totentanz, Vols. 1-2
Ending the Vicious Cycle – The Scream Inside – Ending the Vicious Cycle
Einstürzende Neubauten – Ende Neu (Ending New) – Ende Neu
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Universal Blackness – I See Good Spirits & I See Bad Spirits
REM – It’s the End of the World as We Know It – Document
Noxious Emotion – Smell: The Stench Of Death – Senses
System Syn – A Prayer of Ending – No Sky To Fall
Abney Park – Post Apocolapse Punk – Lost Horizons
Snog – The End Of The World – Last Of The Great Romantics