Lowe – Breathe In Breathe Out (Extended Mix) – Wtii Records 2014 Free Sampler
Gang of Four РDying Rays (Rivalry remix) РThe Dying Rays (Ft. Herbert Gr̦nemeyer)
Julien-K – Spiral – Death To Analog
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing – When The Wolves Return
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore The Machine – Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain?
Gravity Kills – Guilty – Industrial: Music of the Shadows, Vol. 3
The Tear Garden – Sybil the Spider Consumes Himself – Sheila Liked the Rodeo
The Sisters of Mercy – More – Slight Case of Overbombing
Science and the Beat – The Devil – Future Blue
Ministry – Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix B) – Twelve Inch Singles
Bauhaus – She’s in Parties – Singles: 1981-1983
Mecanikill – confessions of a sadist – Making The Tragic Happen
Soviet Radio – Dark Days v2 – An Ether of Sighs
RIOTLEGION – For Justice – Legion of Chaos
The Machine in the Garden – Wonderland – XV
Suicide Commando – The Pain That You Like (There Will Be Blood Remix by Pride and Fall) – The Pain That You Like
iVardensphere – Lapse – Dark Sciences Vol. 1
Assemblage 23 – Collapse – Compass
The Future Sound of London – Vit Drowning-Through Your Gills I Breathe – Dead Cities
Wolfsheim – The Sparrows And The Nightingales – The Sparrows And The Nightingales
Primitive Race – Follow The Leader – Primitive Race
Kommunity FK – Dreamz For A Better World (During Apocalypse) – Thee Image & Thee Myth
Steve Jones – Pleasure And Pain – Mercy
MicroChip League – New York [Remix] – Retro Club Classics
The Last Dance – Nightmares – 10 Years (Dancing in the Dark)
The Smiths – The Boy with the Thorn in His Side – The Sound of the Smiths
Love and Rockets – Lift – Lift
Criambique – A Littling (Freash as Fuck Mix) – Float Mixes
Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease – The Singles 81>>85
Eva O. – One in a Million – Goth Box
New Order – State of the Nation – Singles
The Gruesome Twosome – Hollywood Babylon Revisited (Showbiz Machinery Lament) – Hallucination Generation
Dorsetshire – Why Me? – The Tyranny Off the Beat
ohGr – typer – Undeveloped
Tikahiri – I Want You (Remix) – Kaito No Tetamanu
Hopeful Machines – Roomforsedation – Amphetimedian
Shriekback – Only Thing That Shines – Oil & Gold
Faith And The Muse – Old Souls – Evidence Of Heaven
Membranes – The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light – Dark Matter\\Dark Energy
Abney Park – Until The Day I Die Featuring Outtasite – Special Mix