Coil – Hellraiser – gold is the metal (with the broadest shoulders)
Suicide Commando – Hellraiser – Hellraiser Single
Terrorfakt – Welcome To Hell – Teethgrinder
Hocico – Hell on Earth – Odio Bajo el Alma
Snog – The Prisoner (Featuring The Nam Shub Of Enki) – The Last Days Of Rome
Bestial Mouths – SufferGulls (Gucci Goth’s BlackBlackGold Hostile Manhood Mix) – BAKU SHAD-DO/GLITTERHELL PURRSSESSI├śN
Velvet Acid Christ – Ghost Regen – Lust For Blood
Angelspit – Jailbait – Hello My Name Is
Shadow System – Coded Shame (Matrix Of Shame Mix) – SYNTHEMATIKA FOUR
Mindless Faith – I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) – A Tribute to Marilyn Manson
Deied – A Shell Full Of Scars – Tales Of Sodenliah
Cybershroom – Screaming Pixels (Hybr1d 3rror Remix) – Atrocious Future
Clan Of Xymox – Hypocrite – Hidden Faces
Fragile – URBAN SOLITUDE – Har Belex
Stoneburner – The War Of Assassins – The No Chamber
Ivardensphere – The Source of Uncertainty (The Hexensphere by HexRX) – I Dream In Noise The Remixes Vol 2
The Crystalline Effect – Only You Can See Me – Crash Frequency
Elf – Psychological Warfare [Eye’s Chopper Mix] – Dystopian Visions
Meat Beat Manifesto – Hellfire – Autoimmune
More Machine Than Man – Want – Electrolust
Mesh – The Bitter End – A Perfect Solution
Die Braut – Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Freundschaft – World of Lies
L’├éme Immortelle – The Truth Behind (Dumped) – Zwielicht: The Remixes
KMFDM – Free Your Hate (Kaptn’s Krunch Mix) – Ruck Zuck
Ego Likeness – The Devils in the Chemicals (Terrorfakt Mix) – East
Spiritual Front – Ragged Bed – Armageddon Gigolo
Global Citizen – Immaculate Ejaculate – Nil By Mouth
Plastic People – My proud – Good As You
Front Line Assembly – Comatose [Grisha Mix] – Re-Wind
The LoveCrave – Vampires (The Light That We Are) – Crisalide EP
Sadurbia – The Path of Least Resistance – A Night in the Shop
Combichrist – Today We Are All Demons – Today We Are All Demons
Cleaner – The Voice (Beborn Beton rmx) – Solaris
Soil & Eclipse – The Will (Survival Mix) – Electronic Saviors 2 Recurrence
The Gruesome Twosome – I’m the Light (Cult World Mix) – Candy From Strangers
Uberbyte – Gott Mit Oontz – NFY
Corpus Delicti – Atmosphere – Obsessions
MDFMK – Torpedoes – MDFMK