Frontal – Ku”√™ss mich – Lass uns Tanzen
The Cure – Like Cockatoos – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Corpus Delicti – Head Cut – Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees
Bauhaus – St. Vitus Dance – In the Flat Field
The House Of Love – Christine – Dark Side of the 80s
Nine Inch Nails – Sin – Pretty Hate Machine
Emilie Autumn – Thank God I’m Pretty (Shoegaze Version) – Opheliac
The Sisters of Mercy – More – A Slight Case of Overbombing
Tori Amos – Raspberry Swirl (goth mix) – Raspberry Swirl Single
Unto Ashes – The Drowning Man – Our Voices: A Tribute to the Cure
Jill Tracy & the Malcontent Orchestra – Torture – The Bittersweet Constrain
KMFDM – Torture – Symbols
Necroleptic – Surgical Torture – Tranquilized
Razor Skyline – Torture Chamber – Silicon Warfare an elektro-armaggedon compilation
Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill (Extended Torture) – Bind Torture Kill
:Wumpscut: – Is It You? – Embryodead
The Machine in the Garden – Mending the Sky – Before and After the Storm
Ministry – What A Wonderful World (Short Fast Version) – Cover Up
16Volt – It Turns All Bad (Unter Null Remix) – American Porn Songs Remixed
Goldfrapp – Train – Black Cherry
MC 900 Ft. Jesus – The City Sleeps – Welcome to My Dream
Cocteau Twins – Alas Dies Laughing – Darkwave: Music of the Shadows, Vol. 2
Unwoman – Survival – Casualties
Snog – Real Wise Yuppie/Born to Be Mild [Live at the Hammersmith Odeon] – Remote Control
Veil Veil Vanish – Modern Lust – Change In The Neon Light
Depeche Mode – A Question of Lust – The Singles 86>>98
Pride And Fall – Sculptor Of Lust And Desire – Of Lust And Desire
Project Pitchfork – Tower of Lust – Chakra Red
Angelspit – Hyperlust – Hideous And Perfect
Hanzel und Gretyl – Lust – Scheissmessiah!
Dead Can Dance – Swans – The Mirror Pool
Lords of Acid – Lover (Cantata) – Our Little Secret
David Bowie – Fashion (Single Version) – Best Of Bowie
M – Pop Muzik – Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80’s, Vol. 2
Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles – Milking the Sacred Cow
Art of Noise – Beat Box – Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Dance Hits
Sofia Run – Harmonics – Goth Box
Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok – Chess Soundtrack
Shadow Project – Hounds Upon The Hare – From the Heart
This Mortal Coil – ‘Til I Gain Control Again – Blood
Peter Murphy – A Strange Kind of Love [Version One] – Deep
The Creatures – Fury Eyes (20-20 Mix) – Fury Eyes Single