Playlist: Groovie Ghoulie with DJ Wolfman – June 23rd, 2012

Arcane Winter – Christmas Day In The Workhouse – Christmas Day In The Workhouse
Corpus Delicti – Atmosphere – Obsessions
Red Sun Revival – Running From The Dawn – Running From The Dawn
Funhouse – Sea Of Dreams – Never Again
Beauty Of Gemina – Fortune Tellers Dream – At The End Of Sea
Brotherhood – Heroine – Turn The Gold To Chrome
Sopor Aeternus – In An Hour Darkly – Flowers In Formaldehyde
The Merry Thoughts – The Sun & The Rainfall – Psychocult
Paradise Lost – Honesty In Death – Tragic Idol
Seraphim Shock – Anna – Black Heart Revival
The OTHER – Fire From Outer Space – The Devils You Know
Kitty In A Casket – Trash Talkers – Back To Thrill
The Creepshow – Get Whats Coming – They All Fall Down
Misfits – Scarecrow Man – Famous Monsters
The Fright – Horrock ‘N’ Roll – Horrock ‘N’ Roll

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