Playlist: Groovie Ghoulie with DJ Wolfman – Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Cauda Pavonis – Living By Proxy – Peace Through Seperior Firepower
Red Sun Revival – My Child – 2011 Demo
Dead Pleasures – Nightscream – Symphony Of Horror
Bonsai Kitten – Life’s A Bitch and so am I – Welcome To My World
The Matadors – Walking Dead – Horrorbilly 9000
Descendants of Cain – The Hidden Voice – The Tao Of Wisdom and Misery
The Faces Of Sarah – Misery Turns ( Spellbound Remix ) Misery Turns
Ghost Of Lemora – Shadow Over Substance – Reach For The Ground
Fields Of The Nephilim – In Every Dream Home A Heartache – Revelations
IKON – For Eternity – For Eternity
The Merry Thoughts – Dreamland – Millennium Done I: Empire Songs
Angels Of Liberty – One Step Closer – Black Madonna
Miserylab – Tomorrow For Us – Tomorrow For Us

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