Playlist: Groovie Ghoulie with DJ Wolfman – February 11th, 2012

The Beauty Of Gemina – Golden Age – Isacariot Blues
A Sordid Poppy – The Old Face – The Holy Sides CD
Cocteau Twins – Summer Head – Four-Calendar Cafe
Bauhaus – Dark Entries – Flat Field
Peter Murphy – Surrendered – Recall
Sweet William – Follow Me – Theese Monologues ( Which Grew Into A Custom )
Whispers in the Shadow – If Uriel Falls – The Eternal Arcane
Seraphim Shock – Happily Ever After – Halloween Sex & Vegas
The Dreamside – Open Your Eyes Feat Rogue from Cruxshadows – Open Your Eyes
Deviant UK – Maid Of Plastic – Very Bad Things
Midnight Configuration – Chaos Mind – The Kissing Skull
Dead Souls Rising – Firedance – Scented Garden
Scarlets Remains – Bitter Cold On A Dry Season – The Palest Grey
Sleeping Children – No Love For The Dead – Lullabies For Debauchery
Mad Sin – She’s So Bad it’s Good – Survival Of The Sickest

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