Playlist: Groovie Ghoulie with DJ Wolfman – December 31st, 2011

Merciful Nuns – Dark Trails – XIBALBA III
Misery Lab – Done To Death – Void Of Life
Tropic Of Cancer – A Colour – The Sorrow Of Two Blooms
Winter Severity Index – Motionless
The Eternal Fall – Love In The Shadows
Veil Veil Vanish – Detachment – Change In The Neon Light
Collide – Clearer – Counting To Zero
Architects Of Grace – Damaged – Moments In Time
Anders Magna – The Last Alarm – Infinite Gaze To The Sun
Dark Drive Clinic – Silhouettes – Noise In My Head
Hatesex – Darling Davinora – A Savage Cabaret She Said
Strap On Halo – Lenore – The Dead Don’t Lie
Siouxsie – Heaven & Alchemy – Mantary

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