New Blood!

We would like to welcome Daemon Chadeau to Dark Mother Radio’s happy little family! Starting on September 9th, he’ll be on the air on the second Friday of the month from 9pm until Midnight EST!

DJ [Daemon] Chadeau

Contributing DJ

Current residencies: Radio Black Light

A product of the Los Angeles power noise scene, DJ [Daemon] Chadeau has had his hand in a lot of different aspects of the music industry, from being a DJ to being a promoter, bouncer, and even a performer. Specializing in power noise, IDM, & other harsh frequencies, his past residencies included Klub Terminal, Hell, Fantom Opera, & more, and has also spun in Das Noise Room at L.A.’s Das Bunker.

Daemon is also the evil mastermind behind the electro-noise project Pixelpussy. In June 2010 he released the debut album “This Is Meower Noise” and is scheduled to release “Das Mewntz” on MoonSlave Radio, LLC in 2012.

Now residing in Seattle and shaking up their scene, Daemon can also be heard on “The Black Note” on Radio Black Light every Thursday night from 4-7pm.

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