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Mecanikill? on Reverbnation

Members: Vince Mecanikill – Vocals and Keys
Travis Rose – Samples and Machines
Kat Mecanikill – Visual Manipulations

Bio: Mecanikill? is the Abstract Electro Industrial Noise project from Chapel Hill / Raleigh that has been touring the East Coast non stop for the past 4 years and doing shows with bands the likes of Angelspit, The Ludovico Technique, Ayria, Ego Likeness, Twitch The Ripper just to name a few. The band is all hardware based and it shows as it gives them an organic electrical vibe to their sound and performance and with a love for taking noises from everyday life that would not normally be used, sampling them and then tuning, tweaking and turning them into music just adds to a sound that is truly their own. – Reverbnation

Release Date: December 3rd, 2010

Label: Qtech Records

Review: Initial feeling on listening to this album: this would be the perfect thing to throw on with a few friends who are not totally in their right minds to see what sort of strange conversation would pop up. I could also easily see this as a great album to see performed live in order to view the visuals the artist feels would be right for thier vision.

Rather than review each individual track, I’ll give you the feelings I had while listening to Making the Tragik Happen. The songs feel like a happy snake wrapping around your brain and slithering from ear to ear as it wiggles around your lobes. Trippy pounding beats, good droning rhythms which leads right down into altered states this album conjures. The sampling has a beautiful selection, including an often used “Once a person is perverted, it is practically impossible for that person to adjust to a normal attitude in regard to sex” (Aversion (confessions of a sadist) is the song where this is used) which I have always loved, as well as a Disney selection (if I am placing my old movie sounds), and Mr. Gaunt from the Maxx. There are times listening I can feel the smoke machines from a live performance exploding over you as the music is played on a stage where strobe lights flash randomly. If you are familiar with older experimental music, it feels like a much more refinded Crash Worship; less metalic crashing and banging, more synths and voices. While it would be a little difficult to work most of this album into a dance set, it would be perfect for setting a nearly psychic mood. Minor notes, but not gloomy, powerful but not overwhelming.

I can still smell the fog and feel the sweat from a club full of people in the same mind space as they listen to a performance; I can feel the cute blonde climbing on me and grinding because I was a good ground for her and she tranced easy. If you are looking for something to get you into some new experiemental industrial noise you would do yourself a favor by getting this album.

Reviewed By: Eternal Darkness

Where To Buy: Mecanikill?’s Store on Reverbnation


  1. Saw Mecanikill? at the Signal Fest and they were freaking awesome! I so wish I heard about them before I had no idea there was such a incredible local industrial band around here.

  2. Agreed! They put on one hell of a show when I seen them open for A.T.R. last year. They need to put out a new album I like the first one and need more heavy industrial like this.

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