Playlist: Kantrip 01-14-2011

Future Sounds of London “Herd Killing” – Dead Cities
Attrition “The Ladder” – Dante’s Kitchen
Goteki “Shoot Me Dead” – Santa Muerte Sessions
Impurfekt “Joined With Forever” – Purgatory
Ryoksopp “What Else Is There?” – The Understanding
Unwoman “Bruises” (Do It Wrong) – Unremembered
Anguisette “Reset” – The Creation Chamber
Switchblade Symphony “Wallflower” – Serpentine Gallery
Faith and the Muse “The Burning Season” – The Burning Season
Enigma “Mea Culpa” – MCMXC A.D
Panzer AG “When Death Embrace Me” – This Is My Battlefield
Weltenbrand “The Ghost of New Year’s Eve” – Lunar Sea
Anima Virus “Blood from Heaven” – End of Eden
How to Destroy Angels “A Drowning” – How to Destroy Angels
Skinny Puppy “Worlock” – Rabies
Covenant “Lightbringer” (JM Mix) – Lightbringer
Hopeful Machines “Sick” – One Step into Cygnus
Symphony of Science “A Glorious Dawn” – A Glorious Dawn
I:Scintilla “Dying and Falling” – Dying and Falling
The Last Dance “Desperately Still” – Reflections in Rage
Sunshine Blind “I Ran” – Liquid
Flowers in Flames “All The Glitter” – Flowers in Flames
Brotherhood of Pagans “Resurrection” – Gothik Compilation
You Shriek “6 Million Miles” – Promotional #1
Velvet Acid Christ “Slut” – Fun with Knives
Apoptygma Berzerk “Moment of Tranquility” – Welcome to Earth