Playlist: December 10, 2010 – Kantrip

Vernian Process “Blade Runner Theme”
Unwoman “His Yours or Mine “(All Epiphanies Mix) – Unremembered
Rasputina “New Zero” How WE Quit the Forest
ThouShaltNot “The Projectionist” (Powerlines Mix) – The Projectionist Single
Gorillaz “Empire Ants” Plastic Beach
Backlash “Heliotrope” – Heliotrope
Noise Unit “Monolith” – Voyeur
Skinny Puppy “The Centre Bullet” – Bites
Standeg “Rushing Pictures” – Rushing Pictures
Project Pitchfork “Continuum” – Continuum Ride
Ego Likeness “Queen of All Things Taken” – Breedless
Pig “Transceration” – Sinsation
De/Vision “Time to Be Alive” – Popgefhar
Wolfsheim “Find You’re Here and Gone” – DJ Defekt Mashup
Fictional “Opportunities” – Very Introspective
Ayria “The Gunsong” (HeadScan Mix) – The Gun Song EP
Antythesys “Time Will Tell” (Virulent Club Remix) – Point Blank
The Gothscicles “Eff THe Sun” – Sega Lugosi’s Dead
Razed in Black “Oh My Goth” (Nubreaks Virus Mix) – Oh My Goth
HURTs “Wonderful Life” HURTs
Covenant “Tension” – Europa
The Cruxshadows “Return” (Assemblage 23 Mix) – Europa
Iris “Red Right Return” – Blacklight
The Presets “This Boy’s in Love” (Lifelike Remix) – Apocalypso