Members: Bill Leeb, Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson

Bio: Delerium is a band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 1987, originally as a side project of the influential industrial music act, Front Line Assembly. Throughout the band’s history, their musical style has encompassed a broad range, including dark ethereal ambient trance, voiceless industrial soundscapes, and electronic pop music. – Wiki

Release Date: 07/04/10

Label: Delerium and Nasty Byte

Review: Delerium’s first DVD, “Epiphany”, by producer/director Nasty Byte, primarily takes footage from the band’s 2008 performance at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 nightclub. Using a variety of camera angles, and creative editing, Nasty Byte creates a piece of art that turns this into more than just a concert DVD.

Its hard to think of Delerium as a live band. Listening to their albums, one would think that to recreate the atmosphere and sound of the albums there would have to be a ton of vocalists, and a stadium sized stage to handle all the instruments involved. With most electronic acts, a live performance consists of 2 guys with Synthesizers and a female singer which is hard to build a strong on-stage presence with. Epiphany surprised me however using a modest amount of instrumentation, and 2 of Delerium’s more versatile vocalists. Kristy Thirsk and Leigh Nash take on some of Delerium’s more popular songs, by lending their own interpretations to them. While showing this DVD to some friends, that is one criticism that I got. While Thirsk and Nash are amazing in tandem, some songs like After All or Silence, lose the power they originally had since its not Jael or McLachlan singing. But this is a minor issue as rest of the Delerium experience was spot on. Instrumentation is simplified with Bill Leeb on synths accompanied by live guitar, drums and bass, which he uses to flesh out a very rich and warm sound. I barely noticed any difference from some of the recorded songs to the live performances when I compared the two.

Of course there is the fact that Delerium’s music is an experience and its hard to bring a fan out of the inner worlds they create in their mind, to a stage with 6 people. One of my major gripes with most concert videos that there is a level of disconnect. Its hard to get that suspension of disbelief that you get with live theater or concerts, when you can play/pause a DVD. Also most concert videos are shot from a set of fixed angles, and are edited in such a way that you can almost predict what camera will be cut to next. Yes its a recorded performance of a good band, but what’s to make me feel like I’m at the show. This is something that NastyByte obviously took into consideration. Creative use of special effects, along with with fluid movement between the different camera angles, make the viewer feel like they are experiencing the performance in its entirety, if not in a slightly “altered state”. There is even a grounding moment between each of the songs when the viewer is returned to reality but never in the same spot or from the same camera angle. Sometimes its from the audience, sometimes its on stage in the wings, sometimes above the stage. I think this is what made me get into Epiphany the most. The fact that this wasn’t just a concert DVD, it’s art. It was a “painting in motion” as the DVD box states.

The DVD also features interviews and footage of the band backstage not only as extras but incorporated into the performance of Twilight. This leads to my other criticism of the DVD. I know the song is an instrumental, and watching a montage of shenanigans and set up was nice, but since there was an actual band on stage and not just some guys behind a wall of keyboards and computers, it would have been nice to see more of that particular song on stage being performed. Again, this is just a minor complaint when the DVD is taken as a whole.

For their first DVD, Delerium could not have done better. Epiphany is a beautiful collection of the songs that made the project famous, and proof that the magic they create on CD/MP3 can be recreated live. If you are a fan of Delerium, or know fans, this DVD would make an excellent gift for the holiday season. The DVD can be found at either or purchased directly at the link below.

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