General Manager, Head Reviewer, and Resident DJ

Current DJ Residencies: Dark Mother Radio, The Wilmington Asylum

n. A DJ who currently resides in Raleigh, NC with a host of dysfunctional pets. Spins Goth, Industrial, EBM, Noise, Aggrotech, New Wave, Darkwave, Gothabilly, Psychobilly, 80’s, Ethereal, Electroclash, Punk, Doom, Trip-Hop, and anything else that pops into her head.

Past residencies include Dracula’s Daughter, Immersion, and The Destruction of Kulture.

Most recently seen mixing at the Electronic Showcase at Shakedown Street.

Also sighted opening for goth and industrial bands at The Ringside, as well as spinning at Dirge Factory,Temptation, and Legends Nightclub.

Eternal Darkness

Assistant General Manager, Reviewer, and Resident DJ

Current DJ Residencies: Dark Mother Radio, Club Vogue, Radio Blacklight

DJ Eternal Darkness is a Seattle regular DJ for the goth/industrial
scene. He plays an eclectic mix of goth, industrial, violindustrial,
steam punk, 80s, and what else happens to catch his attention.

He sucks at writing bios. If you can think of something you’d say
about him, please put it in the contact box.

The Alchemist

Contributing DJ

Alchemist is the alter ego of Kevin Sonney. Kevin is a podcaster, linux admin, and tattooed freak. You can find more of Kevin on Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap, where Kevin and his partner in crime author/illustrator Ursula Vernon review cheap-to-moderately priced pre-packaged food. Don’t tell him he looks like a cartoon…he’ll cut ya!

DJ Wolfman

Contributing DJ

Current residencies: Nightbreed Radio

As a child in the UK, DJ Wolfman grew up with all the old Universal Monster Movies and loved nothing more than sitting down and watching the classic monsters, such as The Wolfman and Creature From The Black Lagoon wreck havock. This hasn’t changed much, outside of his being older and hairier.

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